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Mountain Park has eight miles of walking paths that meander through the parks and natural woodland common property. Download a map of the trail system showing all the streets, trails, and parks in Mountain Park, or better yet, visit the clubhouse and we'll provide you with a paper map.


Within Mountain Park there are seven parks:
  • Nansen Summit Park - A grassy area at the summit of Mountain Park at an elevation of 975 feet, this park offers a 360 degree sweeping view of the landscape. The park is located on Nansen Summit in the northwest corner of Mountain Park.
  • McNary City Park - Under the care of the City of Lake Oswego, McNary City Park sits on a water reservoir and has a children's play structure, benches, and a large grassy area. It is located on the corner of Hidalgo and McNary Parkway.
  • Brook Gutman Park - Located on Jefferson Parkway just north of the clubhouse, Brook Gutman Park is where two of the tennis courts are located. It also offers a grassy area, walking trails, and a parking lot. The park is named after the association's first landscape manager who worked for Mountain Park for more than 25 years and was responsible for care and design of the common areas.
  • Elizabeth M. Gress Park - Named after the first mother of Mountain Park, this park is located on the eastern side of the mountain bordered by Churchill Downs, McNary Parkway, and Tanglewood Drive. The park offers a large play structure and benches.
  • Tanglewood Park - This park is the largest in Mountain Park and is a grassy area surrounded by several walking paths. The annual 4th of July picnic is held here. It is located between Monticello Drive, Independence Avenue, Churchill Downs, and Tanglewood Drive.
  • Touchstone Park - Located at the southern tip of Mountain Park bordered by Touchstone, Hotspur, and Othello, this park offers a large grassy area, and a children's play structure. The annual Easter Egg Hunt is held at Touchstone Park.
  • Cellini Play Area - The smallest park, hidden from street view, is accessed only by walking trails. It offers a children's play structure and picnic tables and is bordered by Cellini, Del Prado, and DaVinci.


Mountain Park has two tennis courts for members to use. A double court is located in Brook Gutman Park on Jefferson Parkway just north of the clubhouse.

To reserve a court, just call the service desk at 503-635-3561.